Heritage Trail Bible Church

Youth Activities

Feb 10th Truth For Youth Restarts
4 year old-1st grade will meet in the classroom across from the bookstore.
2-4th grade will meet in the Fellowship Hall.
Will not meet on 1st & 3rd Wednesdays.

Daily Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School at HTBC:
  • June 14-16th, 9:30 am to 2 pm
Please pray for the planning of these activities.

Sponsored by: Heritage Trail Bible Church

  • Bible Stories
  • Learning Verses
  • Playing with Friends
  • Singing Songs
  • Making Crafts


  • 4 years old - high school age


  • Younger Students at Heritage Trail Bible Church
  • Older Students at Camp Sigel

Summer Bible Camp

Our camps are dedicated to the glory of God through the preaching of the Gospel of Grace and the edifying & equipping of the saved in order that they may do the work of the ministry so that Jesus Christ, our Savior may be exalted.

  • July 12-16th: Senior (9-12th Grade)(Cost $75.)
  • Aug 14-18th: Middle (6-8th Grade)(Cost $75.)
  • Aug 18-21st: Youngest (3-5th Grade)(Cost $70.)

    Camp Forms

    Register for camp by clicking the the form link below:
    Camp Registration Form

    If you have any questions, please contact:
    • Mike Layman 218.750.1794 m.layman@mchsi.com
    • Annette
    • Stephanie Maki

    If you are unable to attend camp after you have a confirmed registration, please contact either of us as soon as possible so we can fill your slot with someone for our waiting list

    Please plan to come to camp.

    Camp Sigel is located on the west side of Hwy 4 approximately 1/2 mile north of Lakeland Store. Turn on Camp Road and go past Camp Esquagama to the left.

    To send a package/letter to camp:
    (Campers's name)
    Camp George E. Sigel
    6301 Camp Road
    Gilbert, MN 55741

    • Bible
    • Notebook
    • Pencil
    • Bedding for single bed (sleeping bag or sheets and heavy blankets).
    • Pillow
    • Towels
    • Swim suit
    • Washcloth
    • Comb
    • Soap
    • Clothing suitable for hot, cold and rainy weather.

    Optional Items
    • Musical instrument for music special (this does not include radios, tape players, etc.)
    • Sports Equipment: Frisbee, basketball, baseball glove, etc.

    Typical Camp Schedule

    7:00 Staff Meeting
    7:45 Rising Bell / Cabin Clean up
    8:20 Team Line-up / Flag Raising
    8:30 Breakfast
    8:55 Team Devotions
    9:10 First Morning Class
    9:45 Recreation / Swimming
    10:45 Clean-up Bell
    11:00 Second Morning Class
    11:45 Lunch set-up
    12:00 Team Line-up / Lunch
    12:30 Announcements (best bunk, best cabin, mail call)
    12:45 Cabin Time
    1:15 Canteen
    1:45 Team Line-up / Team Time
    2:00 Recreation
    4:30 Team Line-up / Vespers
    5:15 Supper Set-up
    5:30 Supper
    6:30 Recreation / Swimming
    7:40 Clean-up Bell
    8:00 Evening Services
    10:30 Lights Out

    • Everyone is expected to follow the daily schedule and cooperate fully in the program of camp.

    • No one is allowed to leave the campgrounds without the permission of the camp director.

    • Modest clothing is required for boys and girls. No bikini swim suits or halter top dresses are permitted. All campers are asked to dress up with appropriate and clean clothing for the evening services.

    • Absolutely no radio, tape/CD players or electronic games.