Heritage Trail Bible Church

Church Events


Sunday Mornings
Bible study with Pastor Mike.

Wednesday Evenings at 6:30 pm
Bible study with Pastor Mike.
Wednesday evening class for ages 4-10

First Sunday of the Month; morning service
Communion Service.

Men's Bible Study.
Will not be held during the summer, it will resume in the fall.

Please pray for our camps.

July 22nd after the service
Youth Group Lake Activity for Grades 7-12.
We will meet in the lunch room & go to the Whiteface Resevoir for BBQ, swimming, & games.
Parents are welcome to come with their children.
Bring appropriate swimwear (suitable for camp), a towel, & water shoes.
You may bring food to share.
For questions, please talk to Heath, Leah or Bob Hirsh.
Parents may pick up their students at the lake at 5 pm or at the church at 5:30.

July 26th from 6-8 pm
Ladies Night Out at Sharrie Houdak's Camping Area.
Bring a dish to share and you may want to bring outdoor chairs.
Directions will be available.
There may be an alternate place due to weather permitting.

August 7th at 6:30 pm
Board Meeting

August 8-12
Fair Outreach
Please pray, and consider giving the survey.
You may want to meet in the kitchen after the service on July 29, to review the survey.
We will have a sign-up available.

Important Dates
July 9-13 Grades 9-12 Camps at Camp Sigel
Aug 11-15 Grades 6-8 Camps at Camp Sigel
Aug 15-18 Grades 3-5 Camps at Camp Sigel

Check the bookstore for Lamb Books, Bibles, Bible covers, childrens' books & great reading for all ages.
There are dvd's you can check out for free.
We also have a library where you can check out books for free.

Free Kids Closet
Located in the back building upstairs in the room to the right.
Donations of clothes & shoes sizes newborn p to kids size 14 now being accepted.
Please see Selina Layman (750-3572) or Beth Nitz for drop off times.
Closet may be looked through after church services.