Heritage Trail Bible Church

Church Events


Sunday Mornings
Bible study with Pastor Mike.

Wednesday Evenings at 6:30 pm
Bible study with Pastor Mike.
Wednesday evening class for ages 4-10

First Sunday of the Month; morning service
Communion Service.

Men's Bible Study.
Friday Morning at 10 am

Dec 8th, 4-8 pm
Card Making

Dec 10th after the service
Potluck & program practice
Please bring a dish to pass & kitchen help would be appreciated.
The youngest children will practice first, they will eat during the service.
Please fellowship in the lunch room so the auditorium will stay quiet for those practicing.

Dec 12 th at 6:30 pm
Board Meeting

Dec 16th at 9 am
Saturday morning program practice.
Practice is for grade 3 and up including choir and Sunday School.

Dec 17th at 3:45 pm
Prelude music before the Christmas Program.

Dec 17th at 4 pm
Christmas Program
"What Child is this?"
Invitations are available on the foyer table.
You are welcome to bring cookies or bars for a time of fellowship after the program.
Kitchen help would be appreciated to make coffee & lemonaid, also for kitchen clean-up.

January 9th at 10 am
Ladies Book Club

Parents of young children
Please be aware that babies and toddlers should not be attending group situations if they are sick.
Please use a 24 hour rule that they would be free from fever, gastro-intestinal issues, tc. before going to nursery or classes.

March (14) 15-17, 2018
Ladie's Retreat at Chase on the Lake.

Check the bookstore for Margo Hansen's Lumberjack series, Bibles, Bible covers, childrens' books.
There are dvd's you can check out for free.
We also have a library where you can check out books for free.

Free Kids Closet
Located in the back building upstairs in the room to the right.
Donations of clothes & shoes sizes newborn p to kids size 14 now being accepted.
Please see Selina Layman (750-3572) or Beth Nitz for drop off times.
Closet may be looked through after church services.